International Pre-Diabetes Center Inc. (IPDC)

IPDC: is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is committed to increasing Diabetes Self-Management Education/ Training (DSME/T) and National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) in local communities. IPDC's programs and services are structured around the principles and realization that prevalence and risks for diabetes and Pre-Diabetes are driven by a complex array of social, economic, cultural and educational factors: collectively referred to as the Determinants of Health (DOH).  

The organization was founded in 2013 by a clinical pharmacist, who identified a need for community-based programs that could address DOH, in order to remove certain barriers confronting "at risk" patients, during DSME/ T and DPP Education. The un-met need often prevented participants from achieving their desired goals and outcomes. For example: patients who could not afford their Diabetes Medications should not be expected to achieve blood sugar control until that critical patient need was met. 

Based in Southern California, IPDC's focus is primarily on "at risk" populations (elderly, and other minority groups) with disproportionate gaps in access to qualified educational programs for: DSME/T and NDPP.  "At risk" populations often have higher prevalence, and poorer outcomes for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes. IPDC's programs strive to bridge gaps in un-met community and participant's needs by:                                                                          

  • Working collaboratively with local community partners, stakeholders and community residents to increase awareness and access to qualified programs, and resources                                
  • Professional training and development for community outreach and staff education team


IPDC tailors its programs to fit the cultural, language, and un-met needs of community participants by working collaboratively with local community residents, patients, stakeholders and staff who continually provide program feed-back, to advance the programs, and to address the community's un-met needs. IPDC's evidence based programs and adherence to professional standards have merited their Program Certifications of highest recognition including:  Certificate of Accreditation by the American Association of Diabetes Educators for DSME/T; and Certificate of Full Recognition by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for NDPP.




Our Mission is to close gaps for Determinants of Health in vulnerable populations (particularly the elderly impacted by poverty, language barriers, and low educational achievement) by increasing access to Diabetes Self-Management/ Training and Prevention Education in local communites and by engaging community stakeholders working together to make "healthy choice" the default choice for local community members.






We envision a world in which every community member (and especially the most vulnerable population) has access to quality diabetes self-management and prevention care, are supported, and empowered to make appropriate choices for a happy, healthy life that is free of diabetes and its complications: where they live, learn, play, worship, work and retire.  



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